A Pretty (Fabulous) Wedding!

Hey there...

Well, two posts in one month is pretty amazing, eh?

I got to do a really fun wedding this past weekend.

The family ranch is in Round Top, but the couple and thier kids are both currently living in Vegas!

We had a blast planning it and it was so fun to do a wedding for people who appreciated all the hard work.

We had an orange, purple, lime green color scheme going, with all kinds of added fun like: feathers, metal, and rhinestones!

This is a floating piece I created (see below).

We covered a 2x4 frame with oasis and flowers and hung it above the site where the bride and groom would exchange thier vows.

This is what it looks like installed.

It was so windy we were praying it would stay together.
But, amazingly when I went back to the site Wednesday to pick up rental items, the flowers still looked pretty good considering, and it was all still in one piece!

Look at these fun polka dot overlays!
Brenham Party Rentals has some great table cloths!

Magnolia wreaths with feathers for the entrance.

It was so windy alot of the centerpieces sat on the ground until right before the ceremony began.

Lanterns marked an aisle for the bride and her attendants.

I love these colors together!!

Enjoy this Fall season!


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Barn Weddings said...

It was really pretty, thanks for sharing. I love those pics, love those flowers arrangement and the wedding venue.