Jenny's Wedding

Hey there! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted... Here are some pictures from our trip to Dallas this weekend... There will be more to come soon. We toured Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and the boys (especially Blake) loved it! Ma's Pa and Owen
Me and my big boy Reid. (yes, he is that tall and only 5!)

My handscome boys in suits at the wedding. They love to wear thier suits to match thier dad!

Owen is always the life of the party!

Love is in the Air!

Or at least it better be!
It's time to start buying heart shaped candy, putting out your red table cloth, and ORDERING FLOWERS!!

Girls, I would not be above giving my information to your significant other... heeheehee.

Here's my Valentine's Day Special:

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year! MooseFeathers is running a special to help us get in the mood.

Order your flowers on or before Monday, Feb. 8th, and recieve a free gift for your sweetie to go along with your flower order!

In addition, if you have your flowers delivered on or before Thursday, Feb. 11, MooseFeathers will deliver your order for free!

Don't get caught on Valentine's Sunday with out a fresh bouquet for your sweetie...

Haiti Relief

Okay, so I know I am a week late on getting this up, but I will post on the Haiti Relief Effort. As many of you know, we adopted our third son, Owen, from S. Korea. We used the Holt International Adoption Agency. We love Holt for many reasons and here are a few:

1. Holt works with children and families where they are in thier native countries. Thier number one goal is to keep a child with thier birth family. If that is not possible, they then try to pursue adoption by someone in thier native country. If all else fails, they put them on the list for Americans to adopt. They do what is BEST for the CHILDREN.

2. They are sweet, wonderful, Christian people who sincerely want to help orphans. There were lots of orphans in Haiti (with very long wait times, try three years), now after the earthquake, there are sure to be more. Holt's first desire is to get those children into stable, permanent, loving homes.

3. They gave me Owen, what more can I say??

So, if you are uncomfortable to give to other organizations, or the Red Cross, for that matter, consider giving to Holt. They use the funds to directly aid orphans, children, and thier families.

Go to:

A Winter Wonderland!

This past Saturday I did a wedding for a sweet family at our church. I will have more pictures later, when the photographer gets them all edited, but for now... The Bridal bouquet... a terrible picture. It was so pretty. Two different types of cream roses, white waxflower, white lisianthus, lemon leaf, seeded eucalyptus, and stephanotis with pearl pins.
These were the sprays (there were two) that hung on the candleabras. It was a really pretty wedding. The mom, grandmother, and other helpers, put flocked Christmas trees with lights and toule up in the front of the church to resemble the "winter wonderland."
They were so fun. Having three boys, it was neat to watch all the girls get ready, getting flowers pinned in thier hair (white orchids), and putting on make up! So fun to watch and be a part!
Congrats, Lauren and Derek!

Beautiful November Wedding

This is going to be a LONG post, but hang in there. The pictures are so worth it!
These flowers were for some very sweet, dear friends of mine. It is so fun to do flowers for people you know! Of course, it always makes me a tad nervous, because I don't want to disappoint. But, everyone assured me they were pleased. The reception was on the groom's family ranch. Beautiful country right outside Independence.
Half of the centerpieces were hurricanes surrounded by fresh magnolia garland.
The other half of the reception tables had rose bowls containing yellow, orange, and pink roses. All very sherbert, pastel touches of color. Elegant and beautiful, just like the bride.
Rose petals in the pool.

Gorgeous bouquet for a gorgeous bride. This bouquet is why brides still choose all white bouquets... so classic.
Such a great couple.

Independence Baptist Church
We did candleabras in a rust color with magnolia garlands up the center pole.
The candleabras were hand made by a friend of the groom, who actually married them also!

The bridal bouquet

This wedding had the sweetest children! There were two precious flower girls. If I had girls, I would want them to be just like them!
And there was a little ringbearer, and he had brothers! Reminded me of my three at home... 100% all boy!

Bridesmaids bouquets had the same roses that were in the rose bowls above.

Stunning girls.

Another sweet flower girl.
All the pictures were provided by Harrison Studio. They were flown in from Michigan. (yes, Michigan.) And, boy it shows. They did excellent work. Go check them out!
I had so much fun doing this wedding. We got to attend this wedding also, so it was extra special for me. Dusty and I sat and ate dinner on the back porch, lit by candlelight, over looking the reception and the pool sprinkled with rose petals... Are you kidding? It was like the best date we had had in a long time! Plus, the food was wonderful.
Thanks, Josh and LG for letting me serve you for your wedding. Congrats and love you!

Frugal Mommy

Hey there!
So, with times being a little leaner right now, what are you doing to cut costs, save money, or earn extra cash?
One thing we are doing is a swap party! Have you heard of these? All the girls are coming over and bringing thier gentley used items (shoes, accessories, clothing, home decor items, kid's toys,etc...) and we are swapping! That is one way to get to fluff your home and your wardrobe, without spending a dime.
Our swap party is friday, so I will keep you posted (and hopefully have plenty of pics of my haul of goodies!)
We (the Robinsons) are trying to eat at home more and eat out very little. It's so much cheaper and better for us... I am also on a 'no waste' plan. I try to make sure all our fresh food gets eaten first, before we get into anything canned or frozen. It is amazing what you can make from what is in your pantry and freezer, and you are determined NOT to go to the store!
There is a great recipe for cheeseburger casserole on the back of the Bisquick box... try it!
What are you doing to stretch your money? Leave me a post and let me know! I want some new ideas!
Happy Monday!

Going to the Chapel....

Well... you all might get totally sick of wedding pics, but too bad! That's what pays the bills around here! hahahaha :)
I do have some more weddings to post soon (two really good ones for next week), but until then, this will have to carry you through the weekend.This is a very old fashioned Southern cascading teardrop bouquet. Sometimes it's nice to do the traditional stuff, makes me think of my own wedding. Cream, white and pink roses with greens and baby's breath. My mom's favorite! But seriously... how are you staying warm right now? I have candles going everywhere... you could roast hot dogs and marshmallows in every room in the house! I have to be visually warm as well as physically!
Bundle up, snuggle your sweetie, drink hot chocolate and coffee... Stay warm and have a great weekend!

So, What Do You Think?

Welcome to the New and Improved MooseFeathers Florist Blog! What do you think? I am so excited! Give me time to get all my little sections filled out properly, but I have been working on them tonight, and will continue to work on them until they are filled!
Please make sure you notice there are deparments for the blog now... we have a store, a portfolio, etc... So, please browse the new blog and get familiar with it. I will be familiarizing myself with it over the next few days also! I am not used to something so fancy!
Please leave me a comment (even if you never do!) and let me know what you think!
Thanks, Kristin, for all your hard work! You have made me look so professional!

Change is Good!

Hi all! This is just a small photo... it's actually my new blog button from Kristin at Simply Whimsy Designs. My new online bestie!
This is just a taste to wet your taste buds as to what my new, improved, super cute, actually functional blog will look like!
Stay tuned, it might be as soon as late tomorrow when my fancy blog is up and running... Now, let's see if I can be smart enough to update it myself.

Fabulous Bouquets

Hello again! I enjoyed my fall wedding season like no other so far. Fall 2009 was a great, fun, and creative season for me. Below are a couple bouquets that I did this fall.
Enjoy! Orange and white roses, green hypericum, seeded eucalyptus, white waxflower, purple heather, sedum blooms, and a type of euphorbia.

This bouquet had all the same, excep the orange roses were replace by more white and cream. Wrapped in chocolate ribbon, how unique!

Are you back in the swing yet??

Hey there! Well this was our first morning back to preK... it's so hard to stop sleeping until 9 am! But, Reid (my good, heavy sleeper) actually got up on his own, got dressed and ate breakfast! He was ready to go back, and that always makes things easier.
We spent the better part of the Christmas break organizing and cleaning out. This has been one of the first breaks we have had since Owen has been home. First, we were trying to get Owen on a sleeping schedule, and then I had like 7 or 8 weddings this fall. So, Dusty was home and I had help, so we got shelves hung, donation things donated, closets organized, etc... It was a great feeling and now I am ready for my spring to get here.
This is a big spray I did as a funeral order. I really did love it! They wanted something bright and cheery, but it also had to be masculine...
It contains: sunflowers, solidago, viburnum branches, green spider mums, eucalyptus, cream phlox, this other little fuzzy flower (I forgot what it's called!), and moss covered seed pods, all in a concrete urn.
I also did some really neat things with cattails in another arrangement for the same funeral.
Happy New Year!