A Fun Weekend in Review

Saturday started out really rainy and pretty darn chilly... but it ended up being beautiful.
We made a quick trip down to Houston for the zoo! We have a family year pass b/c we love it so much.

We met Granny and Pa down there for a few hours... Pa is going out of town for two weeks, and needed a grandson fix.

Reid chose the lion for his carousel animal... fitting.

Reid got to feed a giraffe!
In the new African part of the Houston zoo, they have added some really cool stuff.
You can eat at thier new restaurant, feed the giraffes, see the monkeys in thier new home...
it was alot of fun.
Owen is fierce.

Owen says, "I look like daddy."

Owen after the carousel ride.

Blake's rodeo was last week.What a cute little cowboy!

Big hat, little man.

I pinched his cheeks like 10 times that day.

This kid LOVES animals.

Mommy having fun on the back porch.

More fun.

And more.
Spring does this to me.
I am ripping the house apart as well... I will show you some of those pictures as I get them!

Have a great week!