The Robinson Five

Sorry for the quality of this picture... I had to rotate it so that you would not think we were standing on our heads.
This was us after church a few Sundays ago. We are getting together a letter to send everyone that helped with the adoption, and wanted to enclose a photo. Well, the only time we ever look that cute is for church. So, here I am with all my boys. (You can't tell, but I am wearing a dress!)
Have a great day!

New Management Team

Here is a picture of my new manager. The two older managers have moved on to new positions at St. Pauls' Christian Day School.
Isn't this typical? This is what he does while I work!

For Sale!

This is a great pair of concave glass pictures... old victorian colors... not sure about when they were made... we had $42 on them at the store. We are now asking $25 for the pair.
Let me know if you are interested!

For Sale!

This is a great old kitchen cabinet/pie safe that I have had for probably 7 or 8 years... It's got all the original hardware and old chicken wire in the top screen doors. The inside shelves are the same beadboard as the two bottom doors.
It would make a great t.v. armoir for a flat screen, or a great free standing pantry. The bottom two doors have a little trouble shutting. I think they just need to be sanded and waxed well... I can close it if I really try.
I am asking $275. If you are interested, please email or call me:

The Magnolia Company

Okay, here is the picture... read the post below. I am ordering!!!
Check out the magnolia company website at and let me know what your order is...

Magnolia for the Holidays

Hi there!
I am ordering magnolia wreaths for the holidays! They are from the magnolia company. You can check out thier products at
I will be placing an order this week. If you can, let me know if you would like something. If it is still too early, you can let me know later in the season. I should still be able to order later on.
Please keep in mind thier products are seasonal, so once they sell out, they are gone.
Most wreaths are between $50 and $100. They also carry garlands, door swags, and other really gorgeous stuff.
Everything they make is great quality and has a great storage box that it comes in. Be sure to read about all thier products when you check out thier website.
You can email me or call with an order:
I will try to post a picture, as soon as I figure out how to do that.

Missy's centerpiece

I had worked all day making cute things for other people.... well this is for my dining table.

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Pretty bridal shower centerpiece

I did this arrangement for a bridal shower today! I thought it turned out simple and elegant. The clear cylinder is full of lemons, whole and halved. Then, coming out of the top is seeded eucalyptus, solidago, green hypericum and cranberry colored alstromeria.

For Sale!!

This set of vintage luggage is for sale! If you are interested the set is $49 plus any shipping required. Let me know via email if you are interested...

A Fun, Funky Party

This Saturday (tomorrow) I am doing a party with 20 centerpieces... it's at a recording studio in Roundtop... I know, I didn't know we had one either!
The owner wanted to do the arrangements in these great old Mexican coffee cans... they are awesome. I was so excited to do this one because I had some creative reign.
My pictures don't do these justice, they really turned out cute. Lots of grasses and bright yellows and greens. Very funky.

Baby Owen's Church Shower

Well... my friends have totally outdone themselves again! We have had so much support and meals and gifts and well wishes... It has been awesome. This is my "meet and greet" Owen party at church. My friends put it all together for me. There was an airplane theme... Holly's little boy Drew says "Owen came on an airplane from heaven." Isn't that just the perfect mental picture? Drew has wisdom beyond his years.

This is me and Owen in front of our gigantic cake! You may not be able to make it out, but Owen has airplanes on his onesie to match the party theme... Holly's baby Henry was also dressed for the occasion in his airplane onesie.
Me making Owen laugh for everyone!

Check out the cuteness in all this... The girls said the bright colors were to match Owen's cheery and happy personality!

Owen and I posing in front of our cake table in Holly's vintage red chair, with Drew in the yellow polo being a total ham!

My fabulous and gigantic cake. Please let me know if you would like some, we have plenty. :)