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It's really not a big deal, but wanted to share. I got to guest blog on the Gladney Asian Child waiting list today.

Go Here to see it!

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cake topper for bridal shower

just a little something I whipped up...

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Congratulations Reid!!

Reid had his Kindergarten Graduation today!
He was so proud... but I was more proud! So cute.
His teacher, Mrs. Sommerfeld, is so sweet. She has been so good to him and I know he will miss her after this year.
She put most of that stage together herself, she is just that way. All year she has gone above and beyond to make things special for her class. We love her dearly.
It has gone so fast... how? One day I was swaddling him and giving him a bottle and now he is reading!
Next time I will turn around and he will be looking down at me and yelling, "Bye, Mom!" as he drives away in his truck!
Rip my heart out.
I made it through his graduation ceremony without crying... but then we went back to his classroom, and his teacher had made a slide show for the parents to watch.
And then that dang Taylor Swift song about growing up came on... "oh, darling, don't you ever grow up... just stay this little..." and I was totally undone. I was a blubbering mess from then on.

At least I didn't cry as much as the first day of Kindergarten... right?

Congratulations, Reid... you are such a sweet, handsome, smart young man and I am so proud of you!!

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let me just catch you up...

Here are some fab wedding pictures, all by Jackson Wright Photography. You can check them out on thier website... awesome.

And of course, flowers by MooseFeathers...

Well, it looks like I am down to posting once a month... really nice. I am so sorry.

I have no real excuse other than we have a million irons in the fire right now.

With the end of school and mommy working a bunch, the blog kinda gets left on the back burner. Well, actually we just took it off the stove all together, now didn't we?

My brother Rob graduated last Friday from Texas A&M. He started work this morning. It is still so hard to believe.

This time two years ago he was in a war zone in Iraq. Now, he has finished his school and is moving on with his life...

We sang the national anthem Friday at his graduation... puts things in perspective. He helped defend our freedoms and help keep that flag in it's place. He came home (not injured) and finished school. How fortunate we are as his family that he came back.

So, he sat there with the other thousands of names and waited for his degree. No one really knowing what he has been through, or what he sacrificed of himself, to get to that point.

Words can't describe that amount of pride, as a big sister, of someone who has made himself into someone worth so much respect.

(I want to pat myself on the back for only crying in graduation one time... just so you know.)

Thank you to Rob, and all our service people, for thier sacrifice. Let us never take that for granted.

Blake has very little time left in PreK. 3 days, to be exact. My babies are growing up too fast. The next few weeks will be filled with parties, programs, water days at school... Kindergarten graduation for Reid... I am sure I will shed a few (wink) tears...

I am so ready for summer, and fun and sitting around and having our day start in pajamas!

And, for the folks interested in weddings and flowers, here are some pictures of Chelsea's wedding this past April. So cute! She did lots of the styling herself and I am very impressed with the turn out! They are a cute, funky, artsy couple and had a wedding to match!

Congrats, Chelsea and Andy!!

Y'all have a great Monday and a great week... will try to post more soon!