A wedding from last year was featured on this blog a few days ago... a fun read!

Go here: weddings unveiled

Have a great day!

I have plants!

If anyone is interested... if you are ready for spring like I am and can't wait any longer...
I have some small bedding plants available for sell.
pansies, violas, swiss chard, alyssum, hollyhocks, kale, creeping jenny, sedums, spanish lavendar, all in 4" pots.
All the 4" pots are $1.
I also have bright red geraniums for $4, they are in 6" pots. The geraniums are in full bloom!
A basket of any these would make a great birthday gift!
Call me if you have someone you need to give a gift to!

Happy Planting,

Bridal Expo and Wedding

First, let me invite you to come out to the Bridal Expo this Sunday (Jan. 23rd) at the Washington County Event Center. It's from 1 - 5 pm, and there will be alot of vendors there. Whether you are a bride, mother of the bride, or just throw alot of parties, I think it will be an excellent resource.
There will be door prizes, so come and see if it's your lucky day!
Now... onto the fun part...
This past Saturday I had the priveledge of doing the flowers for Jodi Winkelmann's wedding. First, let me say that Dusty and I were invited to the ceremony, and it was beautiful. Such a sweet couple, and I really enjoyed hearing thier vows and how sincere they were.
The reception was at Fireman's training center. They did a wonderful job of making it look elegant and inviting.
Here are a few pictures of the flowers, more to come...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lyons!
Have a great Tuesday, see you soon!

Christmas Break

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The first week the boys were off from school for Christmas, we ended up driving to Dickson, TN for my Nanny's funeral. It was a sad time, and a hard time... but it was also good because we got to see family we hadn't seen in years. Many of my mom's side of the family had not met Dusty or any of my kids!
When we were on our way home we were passing through Shreveport and decided to try to find the office of Vexcon. For those of you who aren't familiar with Billy the Exterminator, well... you need to catch up!
Billy the Exterminator comes on A&E on Tuesday nights. The boys always make sure to get thier baths and homework done in time so they can watch this show!
Billy and his brother Ricky are always having to catch snakes, alligators, raccoons, and other creatures out of people's houses.
Reid always plays like he is Billy, and Blake is always Ricky. I think sometimes poor Owen gets cast as the raccoon.
Here are the pictures from our celebrity meeting... So, we show up to Benton, LA and have to ask a police officer for directions to the Vexcon office.
Did I mention it is Christmas Eve?
Well, here it is Christmas Eve about noon, and here we go to give our boys this experience, right?
Well, it just so happens that this policeman that we ask for directions has also been on the show. And, had all the Billy and family cell phone numbers and home phone numbers with him.
So, of course, what does he do? He calls them at home. On Christmas Eve. Um, here is what this poor family is thinking:
"What kind of psycho people drive from Texas to meet us on Christmas Eve?"
That would be the Robinson Family.

But, I will tell you that they told that office to bring us by the house and let us get a picture with them on Christmas EVE!! Can you believe that?

So, we got a police escort to meet the entire Vexcon crew! They were so sweet to agree to meet us, I really can't thank them enough! The boys couldn't believe it, and well, neither could Dusty or I.

Billy rescues all kinds of animals and takes them to the Cypress Zoo. There are all kinds of rescued and rehabilitated animals there for people to see.
This is a wild boar.

Here is a peacock. Really pretty... It just let us walk right by it... Blake was not so sure.

Some deer at the Cypress Zoo.
Oh, and did I mention that Mr. Policeman's wife works at the Cypress Zoo Park, and let us in free?
Mr. Policeman was so nice and really made us feel at home in Benton, LA. If we are ever that way again, we will surely look them up!

This is the front of the Vexcon offices, complete with thier skull and cross bones on thier trucks!

A rescued beaver.

Reid and Owen in front of the miniature horse at Cypress Zoo.

Reid in front of the Vexcon truck. He might leave here one day to start his own branch of something like Vexcon here in Brenham. He totally loves the concept of catching wild animals.
Why am I not surprised?

Blake is still not sure. I think the policeman's presence was totally freaking him out...
Maybe he thought were were going to get arrested... ha!
It was neat how God turned a sad trip into a time of fun and family. Made me think of Nanny that much more.

Hope ya'll can find a way to make a boring or sad day into something fun and memorable!
Next post will be Disney World!