Thank Heavens for Little Boys!

So I decided to actually try to email myself my pictures from my cell phone... I think I have had the phone for a year, give or take... I've had the computer now about two months... So, that will explain the quality of some of the pictures.
Reid and my grandma boxing in her nursing home. If anyone wonders where I get it from, just check her out... she's 84!

Reid and Blake at the zoo.

Reid and Blake at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

If you have little boys, you know there always has to be a bad guy. Well, yesterday it was the poor sock monkey. I don't know what his charge was, but apparently it was pretty serious.

How Owen did this I do not know...

A Pretty Spring Wedding

Hey there!

This is a wedding that was just this past Saturday, April 17th. They are some sweet people who live in Hempstead... Holly actually is friends with them also!

Thier son was getting married and they asked me to do the flowers... They also asked me to do the flower beds (at least plant selection) and could not do that job by myself so I got Dusty and his guys at Glasco's to do the "heavy lifting." Thier flower beds turned out amazing and I will try to post some pictures of that as well.

The rain held off until the wedding was over. In Texas, the only two times of year to have an outdoor wedding are spring and fall. However, during both of those times you are in danger of running into freezes, record high temperatures, flooding and drought.... all within two days of each other! God Bless Texas!

The bride loves bluebonnets (who doesn't?) and wanted to incorporate a wildflower theme into her wedding. So, we used lots of lush, garden type flowers and some naturally-looking flowers to get a more fresh cut look. I used blue hydrangea, yellow roses, daises, larkspur and delphinium, sunflowers (tons) and lots of other random things that looked pretty on the flower truck!

There aren't many good pictures out of the ones I took this past Saturday, so I will post more on this wedding when I get the pictures in from thier photographer!

So I love the deep brown garden chairs, instead of the white! LOVE IT! When I saw this color I was so excited... it just looked so rich and expensive! We lined the aisle with hooks I had welded by my pastor (that's right, my pastor), and on the hooks hung mason jars full of flowers!

This is an old wagon that has been in this family for years. We loaded it full of blooming plants and then I stuck a bucket down in the middle, full of fresh cut flowers.... very European flower market, if you ask me.

The arbor pictured first was made by the father of the groom. We covered it in hand made garlands made up of pittosporum, asparagus fern and ming fern. Then, I wrapped in smilax after the garland was hung. The swag has sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas and delphinium.
Hope you are enjoying your spring! Take time to smell all the flowers, not just the roses!

A Robinson Family Update!

Well, we have been pretty busy around here. We are in full blown wedding season, so mommy is working a bunch! Plus, we have had all kinds of fun things that our family has been up to.

Here is Owen in the side flower bed. We have yellow calendulas, red salvia, coral snapdragons, and plenty of other things sprouting up! The gladiolus bulbs are making thier appearance, as well as the larkspur and delphinium!

Here is a picture of my three handsome young men outside the court room in San Antonio last Monday. On Monday, April 5th, Owen became an official US citizen!

Here are my punkins totally sacked out after a long day on the River Walk and at the Alamo. We had so much fun that day! We got finished with our court date, then ate at the Rainforest Cafe on the River walk. Then, we walked over to the alamo, saw the sights, then went over to the mall at the River Center. We always have to make a little pit stop at the Disney Store.

Here we are after owen was made official! Our attorney, Jana Olsen Baker, was so sweet. She did everything for us before we got there, and made everything so easy!
Reid would not cooperate for the picture. Like his Uncle Rob, he is not so crazy about the law enforcement.

Here is Owen wacking the gavel! Judge Casseb let all three of the boys wack the gavel. That was definately the coolest part, and the only time Reid smiled!

This is at the gardens behind the Alamo! So stinking cute!

Here we are being sworn in. The judge made it a point to make sure he could see Owen being sworn in. It didn't count if he couldn't see him!
Sorry the posts are few and far between! It might be like this until the summer. Just too many brides and not enough time!
Have a great week and weekend!

I love aprons!

Well, I know it has been forever since I have posted last. I am sorry. Here is just a small list of things we have done in the last month:

  • gardening consultations

  • wedding planning and consultations

  • workroom floor redo

  • chalkboard paint on wall in workroom

Oh, and I do have a husband and three children... needless to say, life has been a bit busy.

But I did find something interesting in Southern Living (April 2010) this month that I wanted to post about.

Living in the South is something that sets us apart, and we have our ancestors and previous generations to thank for that.

Being a florist I thought this was an interesting tradition I had never heard of for Mother's Day.

Three traditions to keep/bring back from our previous Southern generations:
1. The Easter Dress
2. The Mother's Day Corsage (duh!)
3. The Hostess Apron

You MUST buy a corsage for your mother on Mother's Day. (What is my husband supposed to do with me a florist?? I beg to ask...) The tradition goes as follows when choosing flowers and colors for the corsage. If her mother (your mother's mother) is alive, you purchase red or pink carnations or roses. If her mother has passed, you purchase either white or yellow roses or an orchid!

Why doesn't anyone do this anymore?? If you attend our church, and Mother's day comes, be watching for Dusty's mom at church... She will for sure be wearing a corsage (in red or pink) and I gaurantee the smile on her face will show why we should still do this for our mothers.

My mom doesn't live as close, so whenever we see her around mother's day... she will for sure have a flower to wear or take home. (Hers will also be red or pink!) And, if she is reading, she WILL wear it into the restaurant! Thank you very much!
I also do love aprons, which is why I picked this one out from a little etsy shop called Pig and Company. The print is called English Garden. Perfect floral print for this time of year!
Happy Easter!
Happy Spring!
Happy Weather!