Happy Thanksgiving!

This was a fall birthday arrangement... but I think it would make a great thanksgiving centerpiece... sunflowers, fall foliage, alstromeria, mums, lilly of the valley and statice... bright and cheery thanksgiving!

Aggie Football Game

Dusty, his dad, my dad, and our two big boys (Reid and Blake) went to watch the Texas A&M game... we beat Baylor. Whoop! We will take any win we can get, thank you very much.
I thought some of these pictures were too cute not to share! I have the most handsome guys living in this house with me...
Blake, Dusty, Granny's Pa (my dad), Reid, and Ma's Pa (Dusty's dad).

This is Blake (class of 2027) and Reid (class of 2026)!!

My fall garden

Well, here are some pictures of what is happening in my garden right now... it's not much, but it's what I've had time for. Many of the things I plant in the fall don't really bloom until late winter or spring. For example, hollyhocks, snapdragons, sweet peas... these are all planted early, so that they will bloom heavily in the fall. These yellow flowers are my calendulas. I love these flowers. They have herbal uses also, besides just cut flowers, but I don't know what to do with them. If you know, leave me a comment and tell me! I think you can make tea??

Purple Coneflower

Bright red zinnia

Cute containers right now! I love fall!

New Wedding Pictures!

Get ready for the best pictures you have seen in a long time!! This is a wedding I did in October for some sweet family friends of ours... as you can see we did flowers and my big boys were in the wedding! It was a perfect, beautiful Texas fall day, and it shows in these pictures.
My friend Lynsey Kramer took all of these. She is amazing and I am so blessed and lucky to have her as a friend, both for the personal benefits and professional as well!
If you would like to get in contact with Lynsey, you can go to her family's farm website at: yonderwayfarm.com, or you can google her photography website at Captured by Lyns.
Thanks, Lynsey. Girl, you outdid yourself!
Reid and Blake as ringbearers.
Sarah (our good friend) holding Owen

Reid dragging Blake down the aisle

Be sure to check this picture out larger. The welcome sign behind paige is a bucket full of fall mums and accented with her black and white check ribbon.

The groom and the ringbearers!

Me and Owen away from the crowd during the ceremony. This will probably end up as a poster size picture somewhere in my house!

Me and my two big boys before the wedding. We were waiting for our turn to walk down the aisle! They both did so well!

This is a cute idea... how romantic.

The food was by Royer's Cafe in Round Top, Texas. If you haven't been there... well, where have you been? The food was GREAT! Here is the menu with some flowers in a watering can.

Bridesmaids bouquets and thier shoes....
Shoes and flowers... "these are a few of my favorite things."

Paige (the bride) Natalie and Harper (our good friends) and myself.

Daisies galore!

The bride adn groom for pictures... good shot of the bouquet!

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Mason jar of daisies, crab apples, white mini pumpkins, and potted rye grass

Bridesmaids' Bouquet

Birdseed to toss

This is Reid and Blake with some of thier friends having a blast in the petals after the wedding.
We lined the aisle heavily with yellow and cream rose petals. It was really pretty. And the kids loved it.

The sign in table

The gift "table" was actually a gift truck.
All the watering cans had yellow and white spider mums, daisies, yellow billy balls, solidago, white wax flower, and yellow and white snapdragons.

cute yellow chair with watering can of flowers

If you get a Christmas card from us, there is a good chance this will be the picture you get!

My Life Right Now!

Okay, so this is my life right now, in pictures... Notice that Dusty or I niether one are in any of these pictures, because we are probably cleaning, cooking, or loving on one of our babies (or, be honest, working!) We are so busy, but so blessed! We love our lives and our time together at this house... it's never enough time, but we'll take what we can get!
My life is just husband, boys and flowers right now... what else could anyone what? Blake in his full Aggie football uniform.We could probably use him on the team...
Handsome lady-killers ready for a friend's wedding, where they were the ringbearers!

How could anyone be unhappy if you have THIS face to look at?

Blake helping water my flowers!

Seriously, why hasn't J.Crew or GapKids called him to model yet? Look at that face!

My live in a nutshell... flowers, a fine garden antique, and a little boy's baseball cap. (NOTE: I didn't stage that picture, that is how I found the poor frog.)

LIVE magazine article!

I was asked to do some flower arrangements for LIVE magazine... There is a little two page article in this months' holiday issue. I am so happy with the way it turned out. Veronica did an excellent job taking pictures, and the layout was awesome. These are some of the arrangements I did for them!
There are some interesting holiday decorating tips from me, plus other fun stuff in the magazine like: cookie recipes, winter gardening, etc...
Go pick up a copy of LIVE today!!

Thanks to Rachael Hall and the team at LIVE... thanks for the opportunity. It was really fun and ya'll really made me look like I know what I'm doing!

More to come tomorrow!