Here's what we've been up to!

Daddy loves to play with his new baby both at lunch and when he gets home from work. He is such a happy baby. Here we are saying, "dancey, dancey dancey"... Owen loves to bounce up and down and dance. So cute. Look at those thighs.
If you see Blake these days, he is probably wearing a full football uniform. Helmet and all. This morning we watched Facing The Giants while big brother Reid was in PreK.

Here is me feeding my baby... we decide after this photo, and trying to get off that onesie, that we would quit trying to fit him in 9 months clothes. But, they are just so dang cute.

Stop It!!

Big brothers playing on the floor w/thier baby brother. They are really happy to have him. Reid is getting so big and enjoying all this food that everyone is bringing! Check out his belly bulge.
Blake is looking, older, taller and skinny! I have two big boys, and one big baby!

Okay... so no one is starving!

Well, since the day before Owen got here (Thursday) we have been covered in food blessings! We really appreciate everyone feeding us so well. I had to reorganize the fridge today b/c we were seriously short on room.

This is just a small sample of Owen's food. The baby food jars are in the pantry, but here is his formula, both Enfamil, and also what is left of the Korean brand. There is also cheerios, a favorite, those puffy things that are flavored like bananas, and the rice cereal.
We got two different things of cookies today. I would like to tell you I am going to freeze one package. Well, I'm not... they won't last 48 hrs. in this house.

Okay... everyone is talking about how Owen is a celebrity. So, here's the (Yo! MTV) Cribs view of my fridge. We've got lots of casseroles, various breads and rolls (our fam likes carbs) and a few side dishes... plenty of drinks. We go through milk now like no one's business.
The next thing I will need people to start blessing us with is some new pants, b/c I won't be able to wear mine in a month. ;)

Baby Owen, Second Day!

Well, today was our second full day at home. We had so much fun! This is the best baby. We are not quite right on our sleeping yet... Owen's good deep sleep is from 4 am - 9 am... yikes.
But, overall we are getting there and he is just so easy besides that.
My arms are soar from carrying him. If anyone ever had the thought to try to mess with me, I would rethink it b/c my right hook will knock you out!
We have been eating Gerber baby food and Cheerios. He likes bananas.
Baby Owen pulled up on the coffee table playing with all the guys.
We tried carrots today. They were pretty good, but not as good as bananas.

Holly Mathis did this... she ordered this off Etsy. She is a total mess. I heard the whole story, Holly, and you are in trouble. She had it overnighted to make sure it would get here on time... When we came home late Thursday night (1 am) this banner and balloons were at our front door and all inside.

Owen is just one of the guys.

Reid is really getting into the big brother thing. He says "I will teach Owen everything." I really believe it. Poor Owen, he will have two bossy big brothers. But, they really do love him. Reid and Blake will be playing, and stop what they are doing to come give Owen a kiss.

Owen after his first bath. What do you do with this? I could really just eat him.

Owen's first bath with big brothers. He likes to splash, but not wash. So, he is really like every other boy in this family!

Baby Owen is Home!!

Well, last night baby Owen finally came home. We were at Bush airport in Houston for about 5 hrs. He was scheduled to come in around 9pm, but his little escort, Mrs. Kim, missed her connection in Denver. So, he didn't land until 10:30pm! We Got to have grandparents there and everyone was just so happy to finally see him and squeeze him!
He is the happiest little baby. So easy. The escort couldn't believe he was so good for that 20 + hr flight! He was a bit fussy last night when we got home at 1am... but by 4 am (and about 5 bottles later) he was full and asleep next to mommy.
He is huge!! They took very good care of him in Korea. He is chunky and absolutely precious. So sweet and loves having big brothers to watch playing. He is crawling around and is babbling baby talk at us. He already loves Cheerios!! Oh, and part of the blueberry muffins (thanks girls!)
We are so blessed. It has been wonderful and amazing... here is the photo gallery. I will update often, I promise. Hopefully at least daily!
Baby Owen playing in the living room this morning w/ big brothers. His little outfit is an 18 month, and he's only 8 months!
Owen this morning!

Baby Owen with his two big brothers. Reid and Blake have been total troopers! They are so proud and happy to have thier baby!

This sweet little Korean lady is Mrs. Kim. She held, fed, changed, and loved on baby Owen the whole way here. She was so happy to see us and so happy our family was ready for him! We love Mrs. Kim.

Getting acquainted w/baby Owen! He watched Reid and Blake nonstop from the moment he met them.

Blake is checking out baby Owen's tiny feet. Granny is just amazed he is so happy and adorable!!

That's me loving on my new baby!

We had him giggling in the first couple minutes. He has a great laugh!

How fun is this? He is adorable!!

I love this baby

The last minutes of just the four of us!!

We rode the airport train around underground for like two hours. The boys thought it was great. We had to be creative killing time... everyone was starting to get tired w/Owen being delayed.

Reid on the airport tram.

Big Brother Blake on the airport tram!

The boys thought this space cow was great.

The Countdown is On!

Well, we checked this morning and Owen is en route to San Fransisco... all the information says is midflight. So, he will land in San Fransisco, go through customs and then on to Denver. Change planes there, and then on to Houston!!
I just want to get mushy for a minute and give out several thank-yous. First to God, for bringing us this far, seeing us through and never leaving us. He has provided for this little Owen in ways we didn't even know we needed.
To our parents... thanks for everything! The food, the sam's trips, the trips to the Asian market in Houston for barley tea... We just love you and I am so thankful you are here to watch Owen, Blake and Reid grow up together!
Reid and Blake, I just am so proud of you. You have become such sweet little men and I can't wait to see who you become. I am so proud that you have hearts big enough to share your mommy and daddy with another little brother. I could not have hand picked two boys any better. God hand picked all three of my boys for me. I love you more than all the planets put together!
Thank you to our church family and our little Brenham/Washington Co. community. It is amazing for an area to be so supportive of adoption. We continue to be amazed at the graciousness and generosity of those around us.
Also I need to thank my girls... Holly, Lynsey, Debbie F, and Natalie. Ya'll don't even know what you mean to me and my family. I just love you so much! I know you have busy, busy lives, kids of your own, work, etc... but you still found time to take care of us. Thank you!
Well, there it is... sorry! I will post pictures tomorrow as early as I can. See you soon and God Bless!!

First day of school!!

Two big brothers hanging out the Sunday night before the big day! I didn't even make them pose like that, they were already doing it!
Does it get any cuter, really? My preschooler looks 6 years old!

Tear Drop Bridal Bouquet

This is for a bride this Saturday. I am getting all my ducks in a row early, so I can enjoy Owen when he gets here. Plus, if you do roses early, they open much better by the time the wedding rolls around.

Owen's Room

Well, any one not living under a rock knows that little baby Owen Robinson will be home tomorrow night! I thought everyone might want to see what we have been doing in his room.
Dusty's mom made the curtains (her second set since we changed our color scheme 3 days ago.) Our good friend Heather gave us the teddy bear bedding.
The twin bed is for mommy when she needs it, then for Owen when he's a bit bigger. The framed flash cards were Holly Mathis.

Klausmeyer Wedding Photos

This is Ashley, one of my June brides! She was sweet enough to send me some pictures of her wedding. What a pretty church, too!
Ashley and Wolf, good luck and best wishes!

The bride carried fuchsia roses wrapped in black satin ribbon, and trimmed with tree fern. Her (late) mother's rosary was attached onto her bouquet. It was one of the most sentimental bouquets I had ever done. It was neat because her rosary was light blue... something borrowed, something blue...

We actually attached a small bouquet into the flower girl's basket. The bride was concerned it might 'accidentally' fall out or get tossed!

The bride's colors were fuchsia and black and I think the roses were a pretty good match. Ashley was a really lovely bride.

Baby Owen Coming Home!

Well, we finally got the call last friday afternoon. It was about 10 am and our social worker called to give us the flight information for Owen... He will be flying home Thursday evening into Bush Airport in Houston. We are so excited... His room looks great and I will try to get a post of all the cuteness when I get the last touches done.
Thanks to our friends, the Dallmeyers, for passing down all thier little boy clothes to Owen. (most of which either looked brand new or was brand new, with the tags still on!) It was so sweet. Now his closet is full of clothes! They also gave us all thier baby bedding and matching accessories... so now Owen has a cute lamp, mobile, quilt, bumper, and bedskirt... so cute!!
We are so excited that he is finally coming... we will post pictures of him as soon as he is home (and when we aren't sleeping!)

Orange, Orange Everywhere!

Late summer is a great time for orange! It's not a rusty orange for fall yet, still a bright cheerful color in August. Although orange is usually not my favorite color (we are Aggies!) you can't help but smile when you see lillies or gerber daisies in this cheery color.

Memorial Service

Yesterday, Saturday August 15, 2009, I did the flowers for a memorial service in Fayetteville. It was a service for a family of four that died last year. It was really sad, but beautiful. Out on thier family's farm, with a full mass and flowers and candles. Very bittersweet.

These were the crosses covered in orange flowers. Mostly roses, with some lillies and carnations. One for each member of the family.
This spray laid over the memorial stone for the family at thier parent's farm. It was the perfect size for that spot.

It's Time For Fall!

Well, even though it doesn't feel like it, it's time for fall. It's time to start planning our school schedules, fluffing our homes, and actually cooking real, good comfort food! As most of you know, fall is my favorite season. I love to decorate for it, I love to cook (when it actually cools off) and spend time with my family.

I have some ladies coming tomorrow to shop for fall for thier homes. I got one of everything from my floral wholesaler. That way, they can order exactly how many of everything they want.

If you would like to purchase some fall decor for your home, please call or email to make an appointment. 979-836-6008 or!

Nothing says fall like colorful foliage. The garlands I have are really pretty. Some have leaves, with acorns and pumpkins. Some have only berries.

These are some single stems of fall seasoned flowers. Most of these are available to order in multiples.

Granny (my mom) stacked these these little terra cotta pumpkins up on urns... I love urns. These pumpkins are great. Stick them outside and let moss and algea grown on them. Or leave them inside... or both!