Just a few random things...

We have been really busy... I guess spring is just like that. So much to do and not much time to get it all done. I have been working alot, but have no pictures to show for it. So, as soon as I get more pictures in from brides and other things, I will post them... promise.
For now, let's just look at all the random pictures I take w/my phone's camera. Reid loves food. He loves to eat. And, it's actually pretty fun to watch him eat.

The house is in good hands. The boys have been hanging out alot lately w/my brother, Rob. He was in the army and in Iraq for a good while, so he is our soldier...
Right here we are playing "army mans."

This is the face I get as he is telling me, "No, Mama, No!!"

Owen with his new buddy we met at our last Forever Families event. We had a great time of pizza, games, and fellowship.
I think owen was a little more into the friendship than the other guy...
If you are an adoptive family, thinking about adopting, or are in the process, we would love to have you join us for a Forever Families event!
Go here for more information!

Thanks for my vases Heather!
You always know the perfect gift.

Random Valentine's Day Order.

Does Ikea do this to you too?
I swear that place just kills me.

We had to take a picture of our picky eater, Blake.
Here he is having meatballs and peppers. Raw Peppers.
I don't know.

Two little guys taking it easy, watching some t.v.

I am working on several "home improvement" type things around the house... as we get them done, I will post some befores and afters.
Nothing big (don't get real excited), but a few tiny facelifts.
Happy Monday!

Gettin' In the Mood

Hey there!

Happy Valentine's Day! (well, almost)

If you don't have flowers yet, it's not too late. Call tomorrow to reserve some of the cool stuff ~ don't get stuck with junk in the tent by the gas station!

We have roses, roses, roses... think outside the box... why not something besides red? Why not all different shades of roses in a beautiful bouquet?

Tired of all those empty vases around the house? Bring by an empty vase to have refilled! Or take a bouquet wrapped in paper and bow for your sweetie to put in thier own vase at home!

We can also do gift baskets! If your sweetie would rather have candy, let me know! We can do that also!

We are delivering all through the weekend and through the day on Monday, the 14th!

Call Me!! 979-836-6008
Here is a cute little tid bit my dad found for me today... 13 Things Your Florist Won't Tell You!
It's pretty cute... give it a read!
Happy Heart Day!


A Beautiful Wedding... Enjoy!

So cute... it just takes me back...


All the centerpieces were just a bit different... So pretty and unique. They had several of these candleabras, and of course, I said they needed just a little something...

Another centerpiece...
Floating flowers and tons of candles always make a table more elegant!


Look at them!
Now look at that bouquet!!

The ceremony.

Loved these colors together!!

If I ever renew my vows (which we won't, dusty, don't worry), this would be my bouquet... so lush and elegant and bridal.
Love it.
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Adams!