Well, Hello Football Season!

Well, the school year is off and running. Everyone seems to really like thier teachers and classes.

Both big boys knew people in thier classes. Blake has the same teacher for Kindergarten that Reid did, so that was great. His best friend, and his girlfriend (loose term), are both in his class.

This is Wednesday of last week, Owen's first day of frisky frog class. Owen also has the same teacher both big boys did for frisky frogs. This is one nice thing about living in a small town... everyone knows your kids... and luckily everyone seems to like ours. :)

This is Blake at his new desk on the first day of Kindergarten. Can you believe?

He looks so old!

His best friend is sitting right behind him... I told the teacher "fine for now, but watch that... those two can really cut up!"

This is Owen's future cub's shirt, with his player's number on the back.
Future cubs is really neat because you get a varsity football player to run out on the field with, and you get to stand on the sidelines during the national anthem.
Owen sort of got requested to be a future cub... we thought we would wait one more year. But, there is the nicest/sweetest/coolest kid on the varisty team named Eric Duong, who was really excited to have a little asian future cub!

Owen in his frisky frog hat.

Reid and Blake on the first day of school.

Owen being carried onto the field by Eric, his cub.

Owen calls Eric, "my man." "Where is my man? Where is my football man?"

School is in full swing, but really for us, more importantly, football season is in full swing.
Blake played his first game against the Navasota Rattlers, and his team won


Go Cubs!


Holt Blog Post

I got to do a guest post today at the Holt Ambassador's blog site! Go here to check it out!

Enjoy the rest of summer!!


The Knot Fall/Winter Issue

I am not one to brag...

But, I thought some of you might be pleased to know that one of my bouquets got put in the Fall/Winter issue of The Knot Texas Magazine!

I had no idea the picture was going to be in there (it's small, don't get too excited), but one of my brides must have submitted it.

I am proud that they thought enough of it to put it thier magazine.

Go here to see more about this issue.

There is the bouquet at the bottom right hand corner... I remember that bride, she was so cute. Had a love bird theme, and loved that poppy/bright orange color. So, we used hypericum, gerber daisies, roses, spray roses, and wild looking fillers to create the garden feel she was going for.

And I finished it off with a (faux) turquoise hummingbird perched on top the bouquet.

She loved it and so did I!

I would love to have those shoes...

This is the cover of the magazine.

Go buy one!

Here is a closer shot of the bouquet... and I think you can sort of see the hummingbird.

If you want my autograph just let me know ;)

Love and Hugs,