Get Ready... A Sale is Coming!

Okay... so I didn't realize it actually costs you money to sell things on eBay... so I am cleaning out, taking pictures... and posting things to my blog... over the next days (weeks, let's be honest) I will be posting some great stuff to my moosefeathers store page.
If you see something you are interested... do not walk away!! This is the last of the store inventory (and maybe a few neat things I scrounge up) and it needs to go!
Go check it out!!

Sarah and Abel

Sarah and Abel Crosby got married on May 15, 2010... It was a beautiful, fun, and very PINK wedding. This will probably be one of the longer posts you read from me, so grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable!
The ceremony was at First Baptist Church, Brenham, TX. The carpet had recently been replaced which was a blessing... No more maroon, now it is a neutral gray. It was a good thing, because there was going to be a pink wedding there, no matter what color the carpet was!

The guests tossed various shades of pink rose petals at the bride and groom before they drove off.

My favorite picture of the whole wedding.
Her pink shoes and hot pink flowers... so Sarah.

Lynsey Kramer, the photographer, saved the day and the picture sessions with these adorable pink umbrellas... so creative. Sarah is a girly girl, so it is natural to see her with a pink umbrella and hot pink flowers.

This is Sarah the bride and Lynsey Kramer, the photographer herself. If you would like information on Lynsey's photography, please contact me directly.

This is Sarah and her bridesmaids.

The bride & groom after the ceremony.

This was such a cute idea. The couple didn't want to see each other before the wedding. But, they wanted to get a little time together to calm thier nerves. So, with a door separating them, they got to hold hands and never see each other!
There is a more serious version of this picture, with thier eyes closed like they are praying. But I chose to post this one because, to me, this is what Sarah and Abel are really like. Fun and silly and in love!

There are so many cute things you can do for weddings these days. I sometimes think about what my wedding would look like if I did it again... with all this practice under my belt.
These cookies are by Haley Glasco at the Muffin Top. You can see her other creations on her blog and website. She did all the fabulous desserts at the wedding... an entire dessert buffet!

The reception was at the Gidding Stone Mansion. This was a large "fish bowl" type arrangement sitting on the piano. The piano served as the gift table.

One great thing about this wedding was nearly everything at the ceremony was reused at the reception. The toppers of these centerpieces were the decorations that hung on the pews. When the wedding was over, we just popped them off the pews, and placed them on top of the cylinders full of coffee beans and limes.

Guest favors. Little pink and white candies in cute white boxes with pink ribbon.

The Fathauer Family.
Anna (sister, bridesmaid), Ronnie (dad), Sarah, Debbie (mom), Amanda (sister in law), and Brian (brother).
That bump in Amanda's tummy is now here... Welcome to the world Emma!

Another picture of Haley's awesome dessert buffet.

Coffee bean centerpiece w/ pew marker topper.

In the pew markers we used: fresh cut garden greenery, pink carnations, pink roses, hypericum berries in pink and green, and pink wax flower.

The wedding cake.
Haley Glasco, The Muffin Top

This is one of the bridesmaids bouquets up close.
For the bridesmaids we used: pink satin ribbon wrapped around stems of pink roses, carnations, spray roses and pink waxflower.

The bride and her bridesmaids with thier cute pink umbrellas!
Hope you enjoyed these pictures... Some really cute wedding ideas!
Thanks, Fathauer family, for letting me be a part of your special day! It was really my pleasure.
God Bless and Best Wishes to Sarah and Abel!

September Wedding Inspiration

Hi there! I am doing a wedding this September using some of the colors below. Plums, fuchsia, pink and lime green! Such a pretty combination.

These colors are so fun and "gardeny", but the plum mixed in adds just enough sophistication and makes the arrangement a bit more modern.
Just a bit of what I am doing these days... Stay tuned, will have more to come really soon!

Update in Pictures

If you are a floral customer, just skip through to the pictures of the flowers... If you are a family friend, well, just enjoy both the flowers and the babies...
It is a bit embarassing to think about how long it has taken me to update. In my defense, I have not really had time to do much in the way of blogging, reading, or well, anything that wasn't directly related to a child, church, or a paying gig.
Hope you all are enjoying your summer. As you will see, we sure are!
Look at that big hunk of man. You are good lookin', Owen.

I would not want to meet this trio in a dark ally. I'm just sayin'.

Centerpiece order

Houston Zoo dinosaur exhibit.

Sweet, sleeping baby Owen. This is the day Owen had his surgery last month. He is doing fine now...

How can you look at that and not smile?

Church Pew from Saturday wedding

Church Pew

Church pew from wedding last Saturday. The white flowers hanging down from the floral bouquet are moth orchids... they are my new obsession. I love them... I will have to find ways to use these in future weddings. They are so modern and classy and clean...

Have a Great July 4th!
God Bless America!
God Bless our Servicemen and Women!