Baby Shower for a Great Friend

A few weekends ago, me and a few of my great friends threw a baby shower for another great friend... Heather is expecting her third boy. Our boys are really good friends and love to play together.
When Owen was on his way home, and even after he was here, Heather gave us so many clothes and toys... we really didn't have to buy anything at all for Owen.
So, of course I wanted to have a shower for her to try to bring this baby into the world and "shower" him with gifts.

You can't even tell Heather is pregant! (second from left)

We had everyone address thier own thank you note... that is really like a whole different gift to the mom! I had someone do that for me at a shower and try to always do it if possible!

Heather, you are a sweet friend and a great mom! Can't wait to meet baby Austin!!


Have a great week!


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Heather said...

Thank you for everything! The real gift is going to be all of your love, support, and guidance on how to raise THREE BOYS! :) It will be fun though! Xoxo