Closed for Christmas Break...

Hi there.
Well, this is going to have to be it until the end of the year...
We planned on being around this week, but life has a funny way of changing your schedule for you.
We will be closed this week also, we are off to Nashville, TN to a funeral. My Nanny died this past weekend. :(
She was a wonderful lady, full of life, and we will miss her. But, now she is in Heaven.

The week after Christmas we will be at Disney World! So, obviously I won't be able to help you with flowers then either!

I hate to leave anyone stranded, and hopefully I won't...

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Talk soon.


This and That

Just had to post a few more baby pictures.... I promise I will post some more work here soon...
I am working on lots of projects right now, so as I knock them out, I will post.
But, for now, cute kid pictures... at Christmas time, there are always plenty!
Blake at the Christmas parade this year. His class was the shepherd and stable animals.
Yes, that is a donkey on his head.
Future Brenham High School Prom King and Queen. ( I think here she is also a donkey.)

This is exactly how I feel.

Happy Monday!
Have a great week!


This post might get a bit wordy, so hang in there.

Owen turns two years old tomorrow, Dec. 11, 2010.

I am usually mushy when my kids have a birthday. Sometimes people know about it, and sometimes they don't. But, for this one... you will know, trust me.

This is Owen the day after he came home, Aug. 28, 2009. So round and happy. We couldn't figure out what to do with him he was so easy. The boys immediately loved him.
He ate and ate and ATE... drank bottles of Korean formula (until we ran out, which was in like 10 hrs.) and slept.
Well, he slept on Korean time... he and I would sit up at night between 2 and 4 or 5 am and hang out... his little jet lag was hard to break but we did it. We got to know each other. I would hold him and rock him... stare at his sweet little round face.

This is Owen last month at a birthday party.
Now he is this 2 year old boy... not baby. He sleeps when we do (most of the time), eats what we eat (sometimes more than the big boys) and speaks English really well. (For anyone curious, he really never knew Korean because he came over here at 8 months, so really he speaks rather excellent English for a two year old).

Owen enjoying some ice cream at Must Be Heaven.
For some moms I know it might be hard to imagine loving a baby as your own, when it didn't come out of your belly. What do you do when he doesn't have daddy's eyes, or mommy's nose?

I will tell you what you do: You don't even notice...

He is your son... you know his laugh, his cry, his smell... just like your biological children (ie: the homegrowns).

You teach him about his family... his grandparents, his great grandparents. You teach him to walk, to talk, to play well with others, to potty-train (we're not there yet, don't rush me...)

You cherish and remember each moment because one day... just like Reid and Blake... he will grow up, drive cars, and go off to college.

But for now, he is just two. He will let me squeeze him, and hold him, and smooch his cheeks. And hold his hand at night through the crib slats until he dozes off...

Owen is a seemless addition to our family.
I know not every adoption is easy, or quick, and not every child attaches so easily. But Owen did, and I am so thankful we were faithful enough to trust God...

Trust that we would get the right baby for us. Trust that he would love us as much as we will love him.

(You can never have enough pictures of your baby sleeping.)

And God is faithful.

Owen, Happy Birthday! You are such a sweet boy and I can't wait to see what you do when you grow up! We love you, pumpkin head.

Owen has his own personal style.

Can you tell he has two older brothers? He is actually quite a good shot.

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Keep checking the portfolio, I will add pictures as I get them!
Have a great weekend!

Christmas wreath

I found five minutes to hang this wreath in our kitchen window.
It's the little things...
Find five minutes and do something fun.

Happy Birthday!

Need some ideas for a birthday gift?
Might I suggest flowers??
A birthday cake made of flowers! Call to order one for your special someone!
Wife, best friend, sister...
Anyone would love to get this cake, plus no worries about calories! Ha!
(Not that I worry about calories anyway...)

Have a great day!