Cunningham Wedding March, 2009

These are the floral pictures for the wedding of Mary Katherine Cunningham. It was really fun to do this wedding because they are family friends and go to our church. They are such a neat family! Five daughters, and this is the first to marry!! Oh, my.
My friend, Lynsey Kramer, took all these pictures. She is a professional photograher and is VERY talented! Thanks, Lynsey for making me look so good! Her blog is She is unique and artistic, and I love her work!

Section of bridal bouquet
The bridal bouquet was roses, roses, roses! We used cream, tan, ivory, all shades of white. I added a few stephanotis with pearls inset. The stems were wrapped neatly with satin ivory ribbon and a row of pearl pins. It was beautiful, classic, and timeless.

Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet

Bride and Bridesmaids

Bridal Bouquet

What a bunch of pretty girls!
All the bridesmaids wore mini calla lillies in thier hair; so classy and Southern!

Flower girl, Mary Katherine, and the Jr. Bridesmaid.
The flower girl is carrying a pomander with a pearl string. It has spray roses in cream and pink, baby's breath and english ivy.
The bridesmaids all carried pink and cream tulips, roses, and spray roses, pink peonies, and calla lillies.

Holly Mathis Baby Shower!!!

Holly's Invites! How cute are these? Lynsey found these online, Sarah and Abraham, I believe...
Everyone please be sure to go to Yonderway Farms blog for the details b/c Lynsey actually does a good job posting!
A fruit spread, how yum!

All the cupcakes were by Haley Glasco, at the Muffin Top... she is a for real pastry chef, school and all, so they were adorable!

Haley's set up with the cupcakes, Shut Up!

All the shower attendees got parting gifts... rye grass seeds with terra cotta pots. Each one had this sweet card tied on... Lynsey made these tags on her own computer!

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This is the dining table in my large living, dining room... Elton, Holly's hubby, says this should go in a magazine! Love him! It did turn out quite cute, very English.

My friend Holly Mathis is having her second boy in just a few weeks... days... who knows? So, Lynsey Kramer and I threw her a fabulous girlie shower at my home. It was so wonderful. At time of great fellowship and prayer over this mama and baby boy, and really thier whole entire cute family!

How do I describe what the Mathis family has become to us? Well, just that, FAMILY! They are the sweetest people and I had so much fun doing this shower for her!

It was so fun to do this shower b/c Lynsey and I know her taste so well. She was totally easy!

She has awesome taste, so I knew if we did all things she likes, then it had to be cute!