San Antonio Zoo Trip

How cute are my babies?!! We had a great time.

San Antonio Zoo Trip

So, here are some of the pictures from our trip last month to the San Antonio Zoo. We had a great time. Reid's favorite was the elephants and Blake's was the cheetah. We got to find all the animals from the Jungle Book.

Come Visit MooseFeathers

So here are some pictures of the store. Of course, it doesn't look like this anymore because my mom, and partner, changes it around every few weeks! But, we love all things old, garden, vintage, shabby, and floral.

Come walk around and see what there is to see at MooseFeathers.

If you like gardening... I am doing a seminar on fall gardening at the Antique Rose Emporium on Oct. 31 (Happy Halloween!) That is the first day of thier three day fall festival. If you can make it, you should try to come!

So, this is my work! The advertisement on the bottom is the one that appears in South Central Texas LIVE magazine! I love doing fresh floral arrangements. It's a combination of my dreams as a little girl, and my schooling at Texas A&M. If anyone ever needs a florist for weddings, large events, or just because, you can call the store and order flowers from us! 979-836-6008. We are located in Brenham, Texas. If you don't get someone when you call, please leave a message. You can also email us at I will be adding posts of more work as I manage to get more pictures taken!

Okay, so hopefully I will figure out how to rotate this picture. This is my handsome brother Rob, and my proud mom. Yes, ladies, he is still single. At least as far as I know.

My Brother, Rob

I just wanted to give everyone a little information on Robert. My brother is currently serving with the US Army. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say, but he will be on leave, we think, in Aug. He will get to be home a while, then he will be shipped to Iraq for a tour of at least fifteen months. As you can imagine my mom and I are not that excited, but Rob is and he is more than capable. I will try to attach a picture of him, if I can figure out how to do it. The ones I have saved are from his training graduation. Dusty, me, and the boys love him and are so proud. He has become such a strong, smart young man to be proud of. If he choses, he could single handedly end the war over there. Love him tons!

Okay, Nobody Laugh!

Well, today is Thursday, July 17, 2008. I am trying out this blog thing for the very first time. I think I wanted to do it for several reasons. I wanted to give everyone a chance to see what our family is doing right now. The boys are adorable. They are getting so big. Blake is learning how to do everything his big brother is doing. Reid is learning how to be an adult, and he's not even four yet.
Also, I can use this as a way to keep everyone up on all our adoption happenings. Right now, we are in the waiting line to recieve a child assignment. This could take three months. Or it could take 12 months. Who knows? Only God, I guess. We are still fighting with the USCIS office (Homeland Security) because adopting from Korea is confusing for them. We think this is because we will be finalilzing the adoption stateside, instead of in Korea.
MooseFeathers is doing great with our floral business. Hopefully I will learn how to do a little section on the store so everyone can check that out. I'll learn how to post pictures of my floral work and weddings so everyone can see what is going on with that.
So, stay tuned, I guess. We'll see if I'm able to do this. Come along on our Robinson Family Adventure!