My cute little pirates!

Does it get any cuter than these two? Reid and Blake love the Veggie Tales Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie! We've seen it no less than 500 times. Here they are on thier pirate ship with thier swords. Blake has his "pirate beard" on.

New wedding pictures

The top arrangement is actually attached to a birdcage! This is the first spray that I actually ever made just for a birdcage. The arrangement was right as you came into the entrance of thier reception.
The bottom photo is her bridal bouquet. So interesting! It had white roses, bells of ireland, plum mini callas, tree fern, and peacock feathers. There were also rhinestones and jewels sprinkled throughout her bouquet... it was great!
Congratulations to Bobbi! I hope they had a great honeymoon, I certainly enjoyed doing thier wedding flowers.

It is so fun when you get to make flowers for people you know. Our good family friends, the Kramers, got special deliveries to thier house! Jason, the husband, nephew, dad, ordered Valentine flowers for all his sweeties!

The top one was for Jason's sweet little girls, the next one was for Aunt Debbie, and the last one was for Jason's wife, Lynsey. I hope they enjoyed thier flowers for Valentine's day!
FYI: The Kramers own/run/live on Yonder Way Farm. It's an organic farm that produces beef, pork, chicken, and eggs... it is wonderful. Visit thier website at!