Blake football banquet and some randomness

Hi friends...
Two posts in one day is a miracle.
I have so much to catch up on... here are a few personal things for you to check out!!
Note: If you are a customer and could care less about my personal life, please scroll down to the next post :)

A coat drive at sonic... bring a coat, get a Route 44 drink...

I will do this.

Owen and myself (behind the phone/camera) having our date in College Station.

Homecoming mum...
Go Cubs!

Owen wanting his picture taken.

A night of BBQ

Blake about to walk across the stage to get his football trophy.

The trophy was awesome!

A huge hit.

If you see Blake, ask him about the trophy.

This is Blake's coach handing him his trophy.

His coach is awesome. We will miss him next year... his son moves to the next age group, and leaves us in Freshman...

He is so good with the boys.

If you see Blake you could also comment on his boots :)

He loves 'em.

Happy Weekend,

A Pretty (Fabulous) Wedding!

Hey there...

Well, two posts in one month is pretty amazing, eh?

I got to do a really fun wedding this past weekend.

The family ranch is in Round Top, but the couple and thier kids are both currently living in Vegas!

We had a blast planning it and it was so fun to do a wedding for people who appreciated all the hard work.

We had an orange, purple, lime green color scheme going, with all kinds of added fun like: feathers, metal, and rhinestones!

This is a floating piece I created (see below).

We covered a 2x4 frame with oasis and flowers and hung it above the site where the bride and groom would exchange thier vows.

This is what it looks like installed.

It was so windy we were praying it would stay together.
But, amazingly when I went back to the site Wednesday to pick up rental items, the flowers still looked pretty good considering, and it was all still in one piece!

Look at these fun polka dot overlays!
Brenham Party Rentals has some great table cloths!

Magnolia wreaths with feathers for the entrance.

It was so windy alot of the centerpieces sat on the ground until right before the ceremony began.

Lanterns marked an aisle for the bride and her attendants.

I love these colors together!!

Enjoy this Fall season!


Baby Shower for a Great Friend

A few weekends ago, me and a few of my great friends threw a baby shower for another great friend... Heather is expecting her third boy. Our boys are really good friends and love to play together.
When Owen was on his way home, and even after he was here, Heather gave us so many clothes and toys... we really didn't have to buy anything at all for Owen.
So, of course I wanted to have a shower for her to try to bring this baby into the world and "shower" him with gifts.

You can't even tell Heather is pregant! (second from left)

We had everyone address thier own thank you note... that is really like a whole different gift to the mom! I had someone do that for me at a shower and try to always do it if possible!

Heather, you are a sweet friend and a great mom! Can't wait to meet baby Austin!!


Have a great week!


I almost forgot...

A few pictures I forgot on my phone... A bookshelf I decorated for a home-owner with no time to do it herself.

The picture doesn't do justice to it... it turned out really well.

This is the framed quote I got for my house... I fell in love with
these out at Round Top.
An artist hand painted them and I love it!

I picked this one for my house.
I had to have it... I wish my boys could bring that on a notecard with them everyday to school.
Don't you just want to make them know that every day?!
Have a good one!


Fall is the Best time of year!!

Well, it's fall and that is my favorite time of the year.

Fall means: Round Top Antique Fair, fall weddings, gardening, football, and scarecrows!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

This is the day Owen and I went out to the antique fields in Round Top... Owen standing in front of the vintage Zapp Hall sign.

Guitar art made out of vintage materials... pretty cool. Would be neat for a boy's room.

Owen in front of our scarecrow. Heather helped me put it out that day. Our scarecrow is for Mrs. Parker's first grade and Mrs. Sommerfeld's Kindergarten classes.
To go with the Krause Super Hero theme this year, we made our scarecrow Spiderman.

Sure wish this had said MooseFeathers and not Horsefeathers...

It would have gone home with me.

You know I love all things British.

I would love to have this, but Dusty would prefer all our flags to be American.

Two precious girls with my Owen at the football game last Friday night.

Go Cubs!

A cute vintage truck (Round Top find) that I filled with fall flowers.

It was a silent auction last week at the St. Paul's CDS fundraiser.

Owen and Eric after the cubs game this past Friday.

Eric is such an awesome young man. He even signed a football and gave to Owen last week!

Hope you are having a happy fall and enjoying this awesome weather!!