What We Have Been Doing

Well, I can't believe it is almost July... it seems like the summer is just melting away. I say melting b/c it is so dang hot here...

We have been keeping so busy. Not many weddings this summer for me. Most people are surprised that the summer hasn't been busier for me. But, really spring and fall are by far the busiest. I got married in December, mainly b/c I didn't want to sweat in my pretty dress.

So, we have had lots of small projects here and there, mainly for some of my regular, wonderful clients.

This is a terrible phone picture, as most of mine are, but thought you might want to see. I made one for myself and four for a client of mine.

Garden hose wreath!

The owner of The Sunday House, here in Brenham, asked if I could try my hand at these.

If you want one head on out there... she will have some on display!

As some of you know... or if you ever bother to read this blog ( I wouldn't b/c I never post anything!) know that I am very much attached to orphan ministry.

Well St. Paul's VBS made some items for orphans last week during their craft time.

There was such a huge love offering...

Some youth who have gone on these mission trips gave a presentation and told the kids why they were making quilts and scarves.

In Kazakhstan it is so cold and the orphanages there do not have enough warm clothes to go around. So, at Here I Am Orphan Ministry we help support a missionary who lives there and helps meet needs of children there in the orphanages.

They are always so appreciative that there are people who would actually send them gifts.

People they don't even know.

I have an Excursion and had to fit the blankets b/t all the kids in there... it was nuts how many quilts those kids made.

Thanks to all the kids and families who bought fleece, learned how to make quilts, and took the time to make these. You prayed over them and you made them with your hearts and I love you for it!

St. Paul's is where my kids go to preschool and the families there are always doing things for each other. It is such a great place.

Then, you have the Robinson family at football camp.

Can I just tell you that there is nothing more fun than a mama of boys to watch her babies play football...

I am curious, is that a Texas thing, or is it universal?

Here he is showing us his football cleats. He was so proud of them. He gets really angry when you don't let him wear those in the house.
He did great...

You know, some of those coaches were a little in-your-face... and I thought... "well, he is 5 and this might not be good."

He loved it... the meaner they were, the more he liked them.

Whatever is the most like real football. They did stretches and learned how to growl at each other like big scary dudes.

Again, he loved it.

Hope you all are having a great summer!


Pretty and Colorful April Wedding

Check the portfolio section... I have added some colorful photos for you to see!
Congrats, Jen and Danny!

What Happens in Vegas...

No, I didn't go... but my parents did... Off to Vegas on Thursday morning to celebrate thier anniversary. Good Job, Dad.

They are staying at the Mandarin Oriental... totally posh. Look it up. My dad has stayed there on several business trips when he has been away in the Phillipines and India.

Most posting to come...

Hope you are enjoying summer, playing in the water and eating popsicles... b/c that is what we are doing around here!