And baby makes 6

For anyone not on facebook (which I wasn't either until about 2 months ago) here is the new little Robinson. He is 7 months old and living with a foster family in South Korea. He is perfect.

Our fundraiser BBQ dinner is tomorrow night, so if you don't have tickets yet, please see me about this!! You can call or email. 979.836.6008.

Our boys are already so excited.

Dear Jack (not sure this is the name, but this is the one I am pushing for!)

What a handsome baby you are! I can tell they are taking such good care of you in S. Korea! Your foster family has kids too, and I know that you will love the sounds, and action, at your new house when you get here.

We already love you so much! We have been praying and planning for you for quite some time now. You will have three big brothers... they were so happy to find out you were a boy! And so were me and your dad. You will fit in so well here.

I can't wait to squeeze your little chubby body. To get your neck sugar. To tickle you and make you laugh so hard you can't breathe. There will be alot of that in this house.

We have you a bedroom all ready to go! But, in this house, usually those are just for sleeping. And maybe little reading... Mostly we are together; in the living room, in the kitchen, outside in the yard. One thing is for sure, you will never be lonely. You will always have a hand to hold, someone to talk to, a person to reach that toy that is just too high.

I will pray for you everyday, just as I always have. For the next 8-12 month until we get to come get you... and for the rest of my life after that...

I love you and miss you already,