The Knot Fall/Winter Issue

I am not one to brag...

But, I thought some of you might be pleased to know that one of my bouquets got put in the Fall/Winter issue of The Knot Texas Magazine!

I had no idea the picture was going to be in there (it's small, don't get too excited), but one of my brides must have submitted it.

I am proud that they thought enough of it to put it thier magazine.

Go here to see more about this issue.

There is the bouquet at the bottom right hand corner... I remember that bride, she was so cute. Had a love bird theme, and loved that poppy/bright orange color. So, we used hypericum, gerber daisies, roses, spray roses, and wild looking fillers to create the garden feel she was going for.

And I finished it off with a (faux) turquoise hummingbird perched on top the bouquet.

She loved it and so did I!

I would love to have those shoes...

This is the cover of the magazine.

Go buy one!

Here is a closer shot of the bouquet... and I think you can sort of see the hummingbird.

If you want my autograph just let me know ;)

Love and Hugs,


Heather said...

Awesome! I am so proud to be friends with a celebrity! Xoxo

Jessica said...

Hi Missy! I just picked up the magazine and was thrilled to see my beautiful bouquet you made for me (on one of the first several pages at that)! I had emailed you a while back when the editor contacted me so you could be on the lookout but I guess you didn't get it :( I was actually getting ready to send you an email to let you know about it when I saw your blog posting. I'm so thankful for you and your amazing talent. Autograph please!