It is so fun when you get to make flowers for people you know. Our good family friends, the Kramers, got special deliveries to thier house! Jason, the husband, nephew, dad, ordered Valentine flowers for all his sweeties!

The top one was for Jason's sweet little girls, the next one was for Aunt Debbie, and the last one was for Jason's wife, Lynsey. I hope they enjoyed thier flowers for Valentine's day!
FYI: The Kramers own/run/live on Yonder Way Farm. It's an organic farm that produces beef, pork, chicken, and eggs... it is wonderful. Visit thier website at!

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5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

We LOVED our flowers! They were beyond gorgeous girl. You are so creative!

KK's flowers are still in her room- dead of course. But, she refuses to let me throw them away!

We love you!