Okay... so no one is starving!

Well, since the day before Owen got here (Thursday) we have been covered in food blessings! We really appreciate everyone feeding us so well. I had to reorganize the fridge today b/c we were seriously short on room.

This is just a small sample of Owen's food. The baby food jars are in the pantry, but here is his formula, both Enfamil, and also what is left of the Korean brand. There is also cheerios, a favorite, those puffy things that are flavored like bananas, and the rice cereal.
We got two different things of cookies today. I would like to tell you I am going to freeze one package. Well, I'm not... they won't last 48 hrs. in this house.

Okay... everyone is talking about how Owen is a celebrity. So, here's the (Yo! MTV) Cribs view of my fridge. We've got lots of casseroles, various breads and rolls (our fam likes carbs) and a few side dishes... plenty of drinks. We go through milk now like no one's business.
The next thing I will need people to start blessing us with is some new pants, b/c I won't be able to wear mine in a month. ;)


Anonymous said...

How nice!


The Kramer Family said...

just think.....with three boys, their going to eating you out of house and home till their grown and out on their own. can't imagine feeding Reid and Owen....gracious sakes!

FIONA said...

Congratulations! Both of our sons were born in Korea, too. It has been MANY years since they had a little toothless grin.

I wish you and your family the best.