Here's what we've been up to!

Daddy loves to play with his new baby both at lunch and when he gets home from work. He is such a happy baby. Here we are saying, "dancey, dancey dancey"... Owen loves to bounce up and down and dance. So cute. Look at those thighs.
If you see Blake these days, he is probably wearing a full football uniform. Helmet and all. This morning we watched Facing The Giants while big brother Reid was in PreK.

Here is me feeding my baby... we decide after this photo, and trying to get off that onesie, that we would quit trying to fit him in 9 months clothes. But, they are just so dang cute.

Stop It!!

Big brothers playing on the floor w/thier baby brother. They are really happy to have him. Reid is getting so big and enjoying all this food that everyone is bringing! Check out his belly bulge.
Blake is looking, older, taller and skinny! I have two big boys, and one big baby!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.


The Kramer Family said...

I love the pic of you feeding Owen. Its beautiful and you look smitten!

He is such a "smiley" baby! I just eat it up!

Love you!

TeamThomson said...

Melissa, congrats on your new little man! He is adorable! It is great to see how well you are doing! All three of your little men are adorable! Take care and God Bless.