Baby Owen, Second Day!

Well, today was our second full day at home. We had so much fun! This is the best baby. We are not quite right on our sleeping yet... Owen's good deep sleep is from 4 am - 9 am... yikes.
But, overall we are getting there and he is just so easy besides that.
My arms are soar from carrying him. If anyone ever had the thought to try to mess with me, I would rethink it b/c my right hook will knock you out!
We have been eating Gerber baby food and Cheerios. He likes bananas.
Baby Owen pulled up on the coffee table playing with all the guys.
We tried carrots today. They were pretty good, but not as good as bananas.

Holly Mathis did this... she ordered this off Etsy. She is a total mess. I heard the whole story, Holly, and you are in trouble. She had it overnighted to make sure it would get here on time... When we came home late Thursday night (1 am) this banner and balloons were at our front door and all inside.

Owen is just one of the guys.

Reid is really getting into the big brother thing. He says "I will teach Owen everything." I really believe it. Poor Owen, he will have two bossy big brothers. But, they really do love him. Reid and Blake will be playing, and stop what they are doing to come give Owen a kiss.

Owen after his first bath. What do you do with this? I could really just eat him.

Owen's first bath with big brothers. He likes to splash, but not wash. So, he is really like every other boy in this family!


Debbie said...

He is just precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shabby Mama said...

I AM DYINGGGG that last picture is so cute.i mean they all are but that last one!

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures!

Jan said...

He is so he has a loving family!!

The Kramer Family said...

I seriously love it! It seems as if little Owen has been here forever. So glad I got to meet him!!
Love ya!

oh, and Grandma Sandy says you should allow anonymous comments on your blog because she would totally be blowin' up your comment section!!!!

she is full of "God blesses" "George Bushes" "American flags make me cry" and all of that business.

Paige said...

Too cute! Just love it! I so look forward to reading your blog posts since I'm not there anymore!! Can't wait to meet him this weekend