Baby Owen is Home!!

Well, last night baby Owen finally came home. We were at Bush airport in Houston for about 5 hrs. He was scheduled to come in around 9pm, but his little escort, Mrs. Kim, missed her connection in Denver. So, he didn't land until 10:30pm! We Got to have grandparents there and everyone was just so happy to finally see him and squeeze him!
He is the happiest little baby. So easy. The escort couldn't believe he was so good for that 20 + hr flight! He was a bit fussy last night when we got home at 1am... but by 4 am (and about 5 bottles later) he was full and asleep next to mommy.
He is huge!! They took very good care of him in Korea. He is chunky and absolutely precious. So sweet and loves having big brothers to watch playing. He is crawling around and is babbling baby talk at us. He already loves Cheerios!! Oh, and part of the blueberry muffins (thanks girls!)
We are so blessed. It has been wonderful and amazing... here is the photo gallery. I will update often, I promise. Hopefully at least daily!
Baby Owen playing in the living room this morning w/ big brothers. His little outfit is an 18 month, and he's only 8 months!
Owen this morning!

Baby Owen with his two big brothers. Reid and Blake have been total troopers! They are so proud and happy to have thier baby!

This sweet little Korean lady is Mrs. Kim. She held, fed, changed, and loved on baby Owen the whole way here. She was so happy to see us and so happy our family was ready for him! We love Mrs. Kim.

Getting acquainted w/baby Owen! He watched Reid and Blake nonstop from the moment he met them.

Blake is checking out baby Owen's tiny feet. Granny is just amazed he is so happy and adorable!!

That's me loving on my new baby!

We had him giggling in the first couple minutes. He has a great laugh!

How fun is this? He is adorable!!

I love this baby

The last minutes of just the four of us!!

We rode the airport train around underground for like two hours. The boys thought it was great. We had to be creative killing time... everyone was starting to get tired w/Owen being delayed.

Reid on the airport tram.

Big Brother Blake on the airport tram!

The boys thought this space cow was great.


Heather said...

How exciting!! I love all of the pictures. Like you said last night in your blog God has made a perfect match! Owen is meant to be a part of the Robinson family! He is adorable! Reid and Blake are so cute with him. And I love seeing the proud estatic faces of mama and daddy! I can't wait to meet him!

The Kramer Family said...

Oh my gracious!!!! I can't wait to squeeze him. He is a chunky monkey. Love it.

The pics are great. I loved the one of you looking at Owen and holding him.

Okay, and the one of all three of your boys on the couch is just perfect!!

Girl, I can't help but just rejoice over the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus through this whole thing. Our lives will never be the same because of it and Him bringing sweet Owen here.

Thank you for being a picture of what is means to adopt and having a heart for adoption. Its truly beautiful.

Love you Robinson people!

Shabby Mama said...

i am bawling in starbucks..,he is PERFECT just the look on your (and DUsty's) faces..i love yall so much!


skfathauer14 said...

YAY!!!! I have been thinking and praying for you guys non stop! So glad to see how happy he is!! How could he not be with an amazing family like you guys!!

I agree with Lynsey, thanks for being following the Lord and showing us what it looks like to follow his plan with adoption. How courageous and strong in Him you guys are!

Love you and can't wait wait to squeeze his cute cheeks!!!! =)

piequeen said...

oh my goodness! i love him! he's so beautiful, happy, chuncky, precious, loving, blessed!! i'm so excited for y'all. you are such an amazing mommy to ALL your boys...enjoy one more!! can't wait to meet him.

Debbie said...

I am sitting here crying as I look at these photos. Owen is precious! I can tell that none of you are a bit proud of him! He fits right in with your boys!

Thank you for being obedient to the call God has on your life. Can you even imagine that God chose you guys for this before the beginning of time?

I cannot wait to get my hands on him...he is tooo cute! Keep posting!

We love you guys!

Paige said...

Missy, I am at Nathan's brothers football game right with tears in my eyes while looking at this... I am so excited for you guys!!

Love you all and I can't wait to meet baby Owen!!

Shari said...

Missy, I am so happy for ya'll! Camryn and Gary came over to the laptop and looked at all the pictures with me... He is so cute and seems to be so happy with ya'll already. What a blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and what a cutie!

Mel and Nancy said...

Congratulations on your new Robinson. How blessed all of you will be. He is adorable and already has the build of his granddad Robinson. We are excited for you.
Mel and Nancy Gierhart