What I Am Working On Now

Well, fall is my favorite time of year. I say it every year. It's time to start cooking and decorating... and here in Texas it's really the best time to be outside.
Mom and I are going to be a part of the Heritage Society's trunk show again this year. Washington County has a wonderful old mansion that we have weddings and large events at. Every year, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, they have a holiday trunk show and home tour. It is always really fun.
Mom and I will have a booth there again this year. Tons of fun things like hanging baskets, potted containers, antiques and cute "junque." Mom will be making box lunches to sell also for the shoppers. It is going to be so good: tea sandwiches, pumpkin bread, spiced tea, fruit salad... all the good girlie stuff! I like the trunk show also b/c it motivates me to get some of the projects done I have been meaning to do all year.
This rose topiary with the black urn will be there, available for purchase.

So will these cute pedestals I made. Just some vintage plates and candles sticks make some really cute dessert displays!

And then there is my fall garden!! I am so proud of it this year. I am growing cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce and tons of herbs.
I have parsley (curly and flat), rosemary, lots of lavendar...
The herbs I love to put in flower orders. I will be drying my own lavendar to use in the spring for weddings and other orders.

This is a picture of my pot shed. That is really all it does is hold pots. But, it's really cute.
Everytime I tell Dusty I need a potting shed, he tries to tell me I already have one.
I always correct him: I have a garden shanty, not a garden shed.
BIG difference.
Hope you are enjoying fall!

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