This and That

Okay... these pictures are not linked together in any sort of way, so bear with me. These are just little snapshots from the cell phone... my life in a large nut shell. This is my brother Rob (or Robert as me and mom will ALWAYS call him, sorry Robert.) This is one of the first weeks he was officially out of the army. That day we met him and his girlfriend Krystin for lunch, and then Robert was going to find an apartment.
He is back in school finishing his degree (now on the Army's tab) and making excellent grades.
So proud.
Owen eating something that looks gross... maybe a popsicle, but honestly I don't know.

Funeral Spray for a Veteran, actually a prisoner of war.
It's wierd because I actually start to feel like I know my customers. This is a niece that called from California. She was really nice and by the time we were off the phone, I wanted to send her a sympathy card.

The light was bad... but you know the rule... you NEVER wake a sleeping baby.

Can anyone tell me please, why J.Crew hasn't called him yet for a modeling contract?

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