Love is in the Air!

Or at least it better be!
It's time to start buying heart shaped candy, putting out your red table cloth, and ORDERING FLOWERS!!

Girls, I would not be above giving my information to your significant other... heeheehee.

Here's my Valentine's Day Special:

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year! MooseFeathers is running a special to help us get in the mood.

Order your flowers on or before Monday, Feb. 8th, and recieve a free gift for your sweetie to go along with your flower order!

In addition, if you have your flowers delivered on or before Thursday, Feb. 11, MooseFeathers will deliver your order for free!

Don't get caught on Valentine's Sunday with out a fresh bouquet for your sweetie...

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I need some flowers for Church for Valentine's Day...I can pick up that Friday or Saturday from your home. I ordered some from you last year. It is for my anniversary to display at Church...Let me know something. Thanks.....Michelle