Haiti Relief

Okay, so I know I am a week late on getting this up, but I will post on the Haiti Relief Effort. As many of you know, we adopted our third son, Owen, from S. Korea. We used the Holt International Adoption Agency. We love Holt for many reasons and here are a few:

1. Holt works with children and families where they are in thier native countries. Thier number one goal is to keep a child with thier birth family. If that is not possible, they then try to pursue adoption by someone in thier native country. If all else fails, they put them on the list for Americans to adopt. They do what is BEST for the CHILDREN.

2. They are sweet, wonderful, Christian people who sincerely want to help orphans. There were lots of orphans in Haiti (with very long wait times, try three years), now after the earthquake, there are sure to be more. Holt's first desire is to get those children into stable, permanent, loving homes.

3. They gave me Owen, what more can I say??

So, if you are uncomfortable to give to other organizations, or the Red Cross, for that matter, consider giving to Holt. They use the funds to directly aid orphans, children, and thier families.

Go to: www.holtinternational.org

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