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Hey there!
So, with times being a little leaner right now, what are you doing to cut costs, save money, or earn extra cash?
One thing we are doing is a swap party! Have you heard of these? All the girls are coming over and bringing thier gentley used items (shoes, accessories, clothing, home decor items, kid's toys,etc...) and we are swapping! That is one way to get to fluff your home and your wardrobe, without spending a dime.
Our swap party is friday, so I will keep you posted (and hopefully have plenty of pics of my haul of goodies!)
We (the Robinsons) are trying to eat at home more and eat out very little. It's so much cheaper and better for us... I am also on a 'no waste' plan. I try to make sure all our fresh food gets eaten first, before we get into anything canned or frozen. It is amazing what you can make from what is in your pantry and freezer, and you are determined NOT to go to the store!
There is a great recipe for cheeseburger casserole on the back of the Bisquick box... try it!
What are you doing to stretch your money? Leave me a post and let me know! I want some new ideas!
Happy Monday!

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Paige said...

As poor newlyweds we just don't leave the house & eat oatmeal for dinner!! haha