My Merriest Christmas

Well, this was the best Christmas yet. I guess it is easy to say that every year, but it really was the best Robinson Christmas yet. Three kids is way more fun than two! Owen has been so much fun the last four months. We can't even imagine what we did before he was here. Both of the big brothers had a great Christmas too. They got everything on thier list (and then some!)
It was also a great Christmas because my brother Robert was home for the holidays. Last year was pretty rough because he was in Iraq for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was our little Christmas miracle that he was here to hug on. Uncle Rob and Owen with Reid on the couch.
Love you, Rob.

Okay, I know everyone thinks thier baby is the cutest, but mine really is. heeheehee
I hope they come up with some kind of college scholarship for really cute kids.

Blake, Owen, and Reid with the Santa Claus haul. Buzz Lightyear for everyone!

Ridiculous. How cute are they?

I had a running joke this Christmas that our house was like the Griswald Christmas this year. Have you seen that movie? Christmas Vacation??
I had appliances fry and go out, people picking up flowers on Christmas eve, my house was a wreck, and THIS is what our turkey looked like.
It actually tasted good, after we cut it, but I thought my mom and I were going to wet our pants we laughed so hard when we opened that oven.
Happy New Year!!
Remember, it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years...
(don't know who to quote there, but it makes sense.)

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Paige said...

Where is Thumper Rabbit? I expected to see a cute little picture of her & Dusty together ;)