My cool refridgerator

So, if you ever need a cheap appliance, let me tell you what to do. I had a huge wedding one weekend, and not all of my flowers would fit in my cooler. YIKES. It wasn't cheap stuff either. We're talking orchids, lillies, etc... So, I called Mat Hobgood at Keeping It New used appliances. He met me up at his shop and I was able to pick up this fridge for $50! Of course, it wasn't cute. It had rust and nasty stuff all over it. But, I got it home, cloroxed it, and painted it with chalkboard paint!! Now it's a nifty little memo board. And, I also took all my broken silk flowers and hot glued those to the handles. Now, it's a conversation starter and no one is repulsed by my fridge!

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Nicole Friedel said...

I love it!! It looks, so cute, and very functional!! Good creative juices. :)