Fall is the Best time of year!!

Well, it's fall and that is my favorite time of the year.

Fall means: Round Top Antique Fair, fall weddings, gardening, football, and scarecrows!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

This is the day Owen and I went out to the antique fields in Round Top... Owen standing in front of the vintage Zapp Hall sign.

Guitar art made out of vintage materials... pretty cool. Would be neat for a boy's room.

Owen in front of our scarecrow. Heather helped me put it out that day. Our scarecrow is for Mrs. Parker's first grade and Mrs. Sommerfeld's Kindergarten classes.
To go with the Krause Super Hero theme this year, we made our scarecrow Spiderman.

Sure wish this had said MooseFeathers and not Horsefeathers...

It would have gone home with me.

You know I love all things British.

I would love to have this, but Dusty would prefer all our flags to be American.

Two precious girls with my Owen at the football game last Friday night.

Go Cubs!

A cute vintage truck (Round Top find) that I filled with fall flowers.

It was a silent auction last week at the St. Paul's CDS fundraiser.

Owen and Eric after the cubs game this past Friday.

Eric is such an awesome young man. He even signed a football and gave to Owen last week!

Hope you are having a happy fall and enjoying this awesome weather!!


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5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

geez louise! has it been THAT long since i've seen Owen! he is so stinking adorable! oh my goodness!

i would LOVE to see you guys soon and hear what's going on in your life! miss you.