New Wedding Trends

Now a days, anything really does go for event and wedding decor.
Whether your preference is country chic, urban oasis, Texas BBQ, ...whatever... there is something for everyone... and most people have thrown the rules out the window when it comes to event decor.

These days brides... and well, anyone throwing a party for that matter... are doing so many cute DIY type projects for their entertaining.

I personally think it is great to have so many fun things to look at... blogs, websites, pinterest...

It is so easy now for brides and other clients to come up with exactly what they were imagining in their heads. Now, you can visualize just about anything you were thinking by using the Internet.

These are just a few little ideas of things I have either already done or have marked for a party this coming year...

The trick is to use your personality to "season" the wedding... take ideas from everywhere, and incorporate what you want... but be sure to change it and tweek it just enough so that it looks like you, and not a blog!

Have fun and be creative!



kristin&oliver said...

Yay Missy! I recognize those last two... ;) I am so excited!!!


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