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Hi! I am so excited to get to post this wedding. This was a wedding at Rose Emporium that I did the flowers for this summer.
A little backstory... I have now done three weddings for three girls in the same family. This was the most recent of the three.
I have grown to really love this family, this young couple in particular.
They have huge hearts, serving both locally in thier own town, but also in Haiti.
All the pictures were taken by Kelly Hornberger. She is an awesome photographer here in Texas.
Please check out her website at
One of the most enjoyable things about my job has been the people. The brides, the moms, the families, the other professionals...
You are right, my job is Awesome!
The ceremony and reception were held at the Antique Rose Emporium.
This was one of the candleabras at the ceremony in the little chapel on site.

This is the covered pavillion where most of the dining tables were set up.

This family really paid attention to every detail. Everything was already so cute before I got there with all these flowers... they were like the icing on the cake!

Sign in table.
I really tried to use alot of fresh herbs and other freshly picked materials to accentuate the flowers in a natural way.
Some of what I used: rosemary, lemon verbena, mint, parsley blooms, and plumosa fern.

The two family rows of chairs at the cermony had cute little floral bouquets attached with ribbon.

Claire is such a beautiful woman! How chic and elegant!

Thank you Claire, and mom Amy, for letting me be a part of this special day. Your family is awesome, I love you all.
Claire and Brent... hold on tight. You are in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Most posts to come, I have been working a ton!

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Natalie said...

I love those flowers--everything looks so fresh and perfect, but not too formal. Beautiful job, Missy! Great photos, too!