Update in Pictures

If you are a floral customer, just skip through to the pictures of the flowers... If you are a family friend, well, just enjoy both the flowers and the babies...
It is a bit embarassing to think about how long it has taken me to update. In my defense, I have not really had time to do much in the way of blogging, reading, or well, anything that wasn't directly related to a child, church, or a paying gig.
Hope you all are enjoying your summer. As you will see, we sure are!
Look at that big hunk of man. You are good lookin', Owen.

I would not want to meet this trio in a dark ally. I'm just sayin'.

Centerpiece order

Houston Zoo dinosaur exhibit.

Sweet, sleeping baby Owen. This is the day Owen had his surgery last month. He is doing fine now...

How can you look at that and not smile?

Church Pew from Saturday wedding

Church Pew

Church pew from wedding last Saturday. The white flowers hanging down from the floral bouquet are moth orchids... they are my new obsession. I love them... I will have to find ways to use these in future weddings. They are so modern and classy and clean...

Have a Great July 4th!
God Bless America!
God Bless our Servicemen and Women!

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