Thank Heavens for Little Boys!

So I decided to actually try to email myself my pictures from my cell phone... I think I have had the phone for a year, give or take... I've had the computer now about two months... So, that will explain the quality of some of the pictures.
Reid and my grandma boxing in her nursing home. If anyone wonders where I get it from, just check her out... she's 84!

Reid and Blake at the zoo.

Reid and Blake at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

If you have little boys, you know there always has to be a bad guy. Well, yesterday it was the poor sock monkey. I don't know what his charge was, but apparently it was pretty serious.

How Owen did this I do not know...

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

That Owen reminds me so much of Calvin at that age! Scrumptious.