A Snowy Texas Day

This seems like a total oxymoron... but it's true! We had snow today, and for here, it was alot!! The boys had such a fun time playing in it. Even though we have all been sick lately, we just had to get out there and throw some snowballs...
Hope you all are staying warm. I've got some pictures to get up soon. So, keep checking back and I will try to post more often!

Welcome Spring!!


Anonymous said...

oh how precious in HIS sight..JESUS loves them robinson children of the world..and their wonderful mommy & daddy..blessings to all grandma sandy...p.s. love that green hat rusty-dusty..ha-ha

Missy Robinson said...

Grandma Sandy... you are crazy! Love ya.
Glad you are finally able to post. Congrats to you... And congrats to me for being able to figure it out!!
Love ya