Are you back in the swing yet??

Hey there! Well this was our first morning back to preK... it's so hard to stop sleeping until 9 am! But, Reid (my good, heavy sleeper) actually got up on his own, got dressed and ate breakfast! He was ready to go back, and that always makes things easier.
We spent the better part of the Christmas break organizing and cleaning out. This has been one of the first breaks we have had since Owen has been home. First, we were trying to get Owen on a sleeping schedule, and then I had like 7 or 8 weddings this fall. So, Dusty was home and I had help, so we got shelves hung, donation things donated, closets organized, etc... It was a great feeling and now I am ready for my spring to get here.
This is a big spray I did as a funeral order. I really did love it! They wanted something bright and cheery, but it also had to be masculine...
It contains: sunflowers, solidago, viburnum branches, green spider mums, eucalyptus, cream phlox, this other little fuzzy flower (I forgot what it's called!), and moss covered seed pods, all in a concrete urn.
I also did some really neat things with cattails in another arrangement for the same funeral.
Happy New Year!

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Nicole Friedel said...

we're back too!! my closets are MUCH more organized; donated lots, and now looking forward to swapping some too! katielynn goes back to preschool tomorrow; we're doing our regular monday cleaning & washing today.

i LOVE the sunflower arrangement! you're so talented!