Happy Birthday, Owen!

On Friday, Dec. 11, 2009, Owen Bruce Robinson turned one year old!! We had a great time at his birthday party. Don't be mad if you didn't get an invitation, it was just the five of us, plus the two sets of grandparents. I even made his cake (which is easy to see when you look at it!)
Daddy with Owen in his traditional Korean dress.
Blake hugging the life out of his little brother Owen.

This is the traditional Korean outfit worn by every child in Korea when they turn one. Owen's foster parents were sweet enough to send an outfit with him on the plane to Houston. It was one of the only possessions he came with. His foster parents are such special people. Doesn't he look so cute in that outfit?? I have to admit, it was hard for Dusty and I to put that on him. After all, he's our little American now. But, it's a part of who he is and I am so glad we did! We will send pictures to his foster parents in Korea.

Aren't you jealous you didn't get some of that cake?? Haley (from the Muffin Top) if you are reading this, don't laugh!!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday sweet Owen! I feel so bad I didn't call on his birthday. For some reason I was thinking his birthday was today! xoxo

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday Owie! The Kramer Krew loves you bunches. God has shown His faithfulness in your sweet little life and we are so thankful!

Love you!

Nicole Friedel said...

Happy Birthday baby boy! Y'all have fun!

Haley said...

Well, I didn't laugh too hard :) Sprinkles are a kids best friend, so it look perfect!! love ya!

how's my Thumper Rabbit doing??

Tori said...

haha!!! haley may have some competition! :)