My Life Right Now!

Okay, so this is my life right now, in pictures... Notice that Dusty or I niether one are in any of these pictures, because we are probably cleaning, cooking, or loving on one of our babies (or, be honest, working!) We are so busy, but so blessed! We love our lives and our time together at this house... it's never enough time, but we'll take what we can get!
My life is just husband, boys and flowers right now... what else could anyone what? Blake in his full Aggie football uniform.We could probably use him on the team...
Handsome lady-killers ready for a friend's wedding, where they were the ringbearers!

How could anyone be unhappy if you have THIS face to look at?

Blake helping water my flowers!

Seriously, why hasn't J.Crew or GapKids called him to model yet? Look at that face!

My live in a nutshell... flowers, a fine garden antique, and a little boy's baseball cap. (NOTE: I didn't stage that picture, that is how I found the poor frog.)

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