Magnolia for the Holidays

Hi there!
I am ordering magnolia wreaths for the holidays! They are from the magnolia company. You can check out thier products at
I will be placing an order this week. If you can, let me know if you would like something. If it is still too early, you can let me know later in the season. I should still be able to order later on.
Please keep in mind thier products are seasonal, so once they sell out, they are gone.
Most wreaths are between $50 and $100. They also carry garlands, door swags, and other really gorgeous stuff.
Everything they make is great quality and has a great storage box that it comes in. Be sure to read about all thier products when you check out thier website.
You can email me or call with an order:
I will try to post a picture, as soon as I figure out how to do that.

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