Crabapples? Crab Apples? Horse apples? Bodart apples?

Crab apples are the first sign of fall. Of course, it is still so stinkin' hot that it doesn't feel like fall. But it's right around the corner. Can't wait!! It is by far my favorite season. All the good smells, pretty colors, tasty food. What's not to like? Oh, and your a/c doesn't run constantly.
I love crapapples and I will collect them and put them all over the house! Dusty hates them. I usually leave them a little too long in a bowl or basket and they are nasty by the time I get to them. Oh, well. He's not the one cleaning it up, so what does he care?

How cute is this? This is my breakfast nook right now.How English country am I?

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The Kramer Family said...

How bout them apples???? I want me some! Where do I gets them.

Love ya!

p.s. you are the ultimate "english country" gal I know!