Baby Owen Coming Home!

Well, we finally got the call last friday afternoon. It was about 10 am and our social worker called to give us the flight information for Owen... He will be flying home Thursday evening into Bush Airport in Houston. We are so excited... His room looks great and I will try to get a post of all the cuteness when I get the last touches done.
Thanks to our friends, the Dallmeyers, for passing down all thier little boy clothes to Owen. (most of which either looked brand new or was brand new, with the tags still on!) It was so sweet. Now his closet is full of clothes! They also gave us all thier baby bedding and matching accessories... so now Owen has a cute lamp, mobile, quilt, bumper, and bedskirt... so cute!!
We are so excited that he is finally coming... we will post pictures of him as soon as he is home (and when we aren't sleeping!)

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skfathauer14 said...

Missy! I am so excited about Owen coming home!!! He is so blessed to have amazing parents like you guys!! Cannot wait to meet your newest addition!!!! Congrats!!!