Coming Soon: Baby Owen!!!

Okay... I have way cuter pictures of him a little older (four months?), I just had to go ahead and get this one up tonight! We finally got our call today right before lunch, It's a boy!
Owen ??? Robinson (don't know middle name yet), will be arriving home in three to six months. We can't wait to squeeze him. Just wait until you see the other pictures. I will figure out how to unzip those pictures tomorrow!

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The Kramer Family said...

Owen is an angel! What an answer to prayer.

We love you sweet Owen and can wait to squeeze you and soak up all there is to you!

Love you Robinson Fam!
Aunt Lyns

p.s. I think I should be an aunt to your kiddos. They don't have one and are in desperate need of a good spoiling from an "aunt":).....ha, ha!